A Rainy Day – A Look at Past Photos of Water Shots

It was raining out for most of today. Typical, no doubt for this time of year here in the Fraser Valley (Vancouver area), as every other March that I can think of is like this. I did not setup my camera today, nor have any desire to do so, even though I wanted to, there was no point due to the lack of good light, and of course, the desire of not wanting to get wet. So, I stayed inside combing through my now vast catalogues (files) of photos I have stored away on my personal computer.

I was going through my water drop/ flash experimental shots when I found some files I had over looked from the March 23, 2012 photo-shoot. Being that today was a dead day for me, I thought I should post at least one of them here because these look so cool in my opinion.

The next time I do flash high speed photography, I will try using different backgrounds, colour water and better holding containers to take shots with. I have seen other photographer’s websites doing this type of high speed photography and they have given me some new ideas that I want to try.

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