I Crave Awesome Weather

I am bored out of my tree. I crave awesome weather. I want to go outside and hike, shoot photos with my camera, and play among the mountains and lakes, but instead, I am trapped inside becuase it is cold and wet with no end in sight. This morning I wrote my Corrections Exam, so that I can continue with work as a volunteer within the correctional system. After that I went home, now suffering with that exam high, pacing back and forth with nothing to do.

So I cleaned my camera, did some online searching of what else I should buy for my photography hobby, and then sat down staring outside through the window as rain dripped down the glass of this overcast day. Boring! Looking at this photo I took this afternoon, I realized that I have chunky fingers. Actually, it has more to do with the mirror I shot the photo through–it is distorted.  I am still bored.

One last day for March, then we are into April, closer to the warmer days of the year. I cannot wait!

2 Thoughts on “I Crave Awesome Weather

  1. Ah, the “exam high” — that makes me miss uni life! The feeling of finishing an exam and knowing you at least passed it is a relief and after there was always the “high” for me of having some free time to celebrate rather than have to keep studying for and worrying about the test! When will you get your results?

  2. I should know how well I did by tomorrow (April 5). It’s just for Corrections-an annual thing, not really associated with uni. If you need to do any work within the prison system, you need to have these qualification before hand, security, orientation, qualification paperwork done. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a real job from them soon? 🙂

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