There was Sun Today: I Did a Short Hike – Taking My Camera Alone Too!

Although not scheduled on the weather forecast, the weather changed enough to mark the afternoon with some sunny breaks. Perfect for sneaking out down to the trail to photograph the forest kicking into spring. Without further ado, here are some of the shots I took today while on the trail (Fort to Fort) in Fort Langley.

I would like to point out that these water drops are one hundred percent natural. These are from Mother Nature herself, not from a spray bottle–as in, it has rained here for two weeks straight, on and off, so there was no need for the water spray bottle. Sadly, it was windy out, so focusing on such a small object was a challenge because of the inconsistent gusts moving the branches around. Finally, I just used one hand to hold the branch still enough, and hoped for the best taking the shot.

Next, below, I was working with my noise density (ND) filters going for the shot that had way too much light in the sky.

What I did was use a graduated #3 noise density filter, which added 3f stops to the sky and left the ground and water areas of the photo in their natural levels of light. Had I not done this, the clouds would have looked over exposed, and would look almost whiteout at the point where you could not have seen the detail in the cloud formations. These filters were the best $30.00 I spent on filters–wonderful deal.

By the way, it is still way to cold for the beginning of April. Nonetheless, it is nice to finally reach April. Hoping for better weather to come!

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