Camera in A-Mode

I have tried setting my Sony A33 in “A” Mode so that I could have a custom setting when I do close-up macro shots, the aperture is the only setting I change, but for my custom settings I still need some more time to figure this out. But then, the camera already has this setting built into it, thus the “A” Mode, so why would I need to make custom control settings in the first place?

Oh the dilemma of having a camera with too many buttons on it.

Anyway, I experimented with setting just the aperture, and I made a leap forward with understanding how the “A” Mode work. “A” Mode, or aperture priority, means that no matter what F stop I set, how big the aperture is, the camera will automatically set everything else up to make that shot. For example, it will set the shutter speed, and other settings to suit the scene I am shooting in.

The image, above, is four smaller images of the same shot, changing each image with just a different F stop, or F number. The higher the F number, the greater my focusing depth of field is. The upper right image has the widest aperture setting, and it also has the narrowest focusing area, so the foreground an background are blurred out leaving the subject nice and focused. At the smallest F stop setting, F22, most of the image is in focus, like what most point and shoot cameras do.

I am experimenting with this becuase the next sunny day I get, I want to start trying out more macro shots, close up, with the spray bottle, to get better rain drop photos. Stay tuned!

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