Testing my 14mm Lens Out in the Field

I took the 14mm lens out into the field on Brae Island across the Fraser River from Fort Langley, BC, and walked the hiking trail shooting like crazy with my Sony A33. Field testing this lens, I learned right away that focusing and adjusting the F Stop is very picky when running in full manual mode. I guess I got too lazy with a camera that does really good automatic mode shots, and completely forgot how old school cameras worked.

It is freaky looking through a 14mm lens! I never had such a wide angel lens before. I basically have a 90 degree field of view and with a good F2.8, the images are fairly sharp.

Extreme macro shots are very nice with this lens too. My minimum focus distance is about 29cm, so I can some good bokeh with it.

However, I bought the lens for doing land scape shots – and this lens does that very well. I also want to some night time photography shooting star trails and sky shoots. When I get some cloudless nights, I will set this up for that.

So, off into the sunset I kept shooting. The day turned out great, and I met another photographer along the way too. He invited me to the local camera club. I may go to it, just to check it out.

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