Enjoying the Long Weekend – Another Photo Shoot & Hike

I went back to Brae Island this morning to do some more shooting. Met more photographers, though these people were much more serious then the people I met last night. These guys were on the hunt for boaters on the river. They were armed with Canon cameras, with super expensive 500mm lenses that could see a tick on the shoulder of a rower one hundred metres away. I call this “canon” perv lenses becuase they photograph anything over long distances with sharp clarity. These lenses are way out of my price scale.

So anyway, I started off with my new 14mm lens, capturing the clouds and water as I started off the day with some good Sun.

Then I switch it over to one of lenses that I hardly every use, my 55 to 200mm lens. I did some macro shooting with it, going for some good bokeh shots.


The weekend is still young – lots of shooting time left in the day!

One Thought on “Enjoying the Long Weekend – Another Photo Shoot & Hike

  1. I love the flower close ups.

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