More Photos from Yesterday’s Hike With the 14mm

I am still looking through all of the photos I took yesterday, picking through them, looking for those awesome shots that stand out. I am still in awe at this lens, the 14mm super wide angle, which is a lens that I have always wanted for my camera, (but not including my 30mm macro). Getting the lens just before the start of a long weekend was an awesome set of circumstances too, as the timing could not have worked out better. The weather held up, giving Fort Langley some unexpected sunshine, and to end the day off with a very nice sunset.

It is hard to believe that I was standing only 20cm away from this tree sprout in this shot. The distortion is there, but hardly noticeable to the viewer. It is cloudy out today–which is good becuase big puffy clouds means good wide angle lens shooting!

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