Today’s Beautiful Sunset From Fort Langley

It was a beautiful sunset, and me and a friend walked down to the river to do sunset shots on our after diner walk from the park. The sky was clear and the light was a very orange colour as the Sun sank below the horizon. The river water was like glass, and it made for a nice effect as the sun light reflected off from it in this golden colour that you can only get late, or early, in the day. For me, after such a cloudy winter, seeing this sunset was nice, as we are deprived of these sunsets here along the West Coast.

See what I mean about the colour, in the above image?

The above image was shot with my 30mm macro lens, and the bottom two were shot with my 55 to 200mm telephoto lens.

The above image was just after a fisher cast a line across the river.

The colours are just stunning! The above image is some driftwood sticking up above the water near the shore.

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