Tom’s Cooking – and Posting About it

It was a last minute decision to buy a roast, and fire up the old Crock-Pot. It is a really nice sunny day today, and why would I want to spend more time than I needed to cooking inside. This Crock-Pot was given to me last year by my old employer who had it sitting around their things they had stored at the office. They gave it me. I loved it becuase the one I had from before was only a 4 letres, while this one is a whopping 12 letres.

So, what is in there? A 1.5 Kg Top Sirloin Roast, with mini red potatoes, and pre-cut carrots, with chopped yellow onions with some salt and a whole lot of black ground pepper. I set this mix for low heat–about eight to ten hours before it is ready for consumption.

I have been tweeting about the progress of the dinner too. Making some tweeps drool as my dinner nears it serving time. I called this “cooking for men,” however, most men would not want to wait so long for their dinner if they are cooking it in this style becuase it is so low-thus calling this method kooking with a “slow cooker.” But, it requires very little skill preparing for it, and you can take a “leather” hard piece of meat and turn it into a delicious meal.

One Thought on “Tom’s Cooking – and Posting About it

  1. Ah, so this is what it looked like while it was cooking. lol 😀

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