New Shots: Moss, Tracks and Holly Bushes.

I am rushing all over the place this weekend, armed with my 1 metre long list of to-dos, and I have some dead-lines. So much to do, yet so little time to do it all in. Actually, I am just doing what I can without burning myself out becuase I have learned from last weekend that running my butt off just does not make any sense at all. So I am coasting. If I do not complete all of my tasks, then so be it. How can you fire a friend who is helping?

For an hour today, this evening, I walked down the street from my home to shoot plants and other objects along the road. I caught the Sun right at the perfect time, that “golden hour.” I got some cool shots.

I love the above photo, it is a Holly bush. I love the bokeh (the blurry background that is out of focus–happy Kay) with the Sun shinning off of the other leaves.

From tracks to moss. The above photos is taken looking between two sections of railway tracks that were laying on blocks of wood along the ditch beside the actual railway. I used my favourite 30mm Macro lens for that shot.

More moss. Again, using my favourite 30mm Macro lens.

Have a great day, and I hope you enjoyed my photos!

2 Thoughts on “New Shots: Moss, Tracks and Holly Bushes.

  1. Nice photos, Tom!

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