Busy Week – So I Stopped Blogging For a Bit

I have been going like crazy with my work life. Several developments have been going on there, some are beyond my blog becuase of the sensitivity of my employer and their business affairs, but other events are blog worthy, like spearheading the safety program, setting up two new departments from within our office, and taking on more of a hands on role with contracting and marketing. Funny, becuase I was never trained to do this academically. So, busyness is my time spent over the last few days. So much so that I have not had time to get out an shoot photos with my camera. Tonight I spent a few moments looking at old photos from three years ago, taken with my old point and shoot camera, searching for some shots I took of some friends. Sadly I did not find those shots, but along the way, searching through my DVDs, I found some other shots that were great, as far as I am concerned.

I remember taking this shot of the roses becuase it was a by chance shot that I found these rose bushes, and had my camera with me, along with the perfect shooting conditions. The sky was perfect, and the light was very good, and the roses were overhead. I like to think of this shot as my “rose coloured lens” shot.

This one was also taken in 2009, I believe in May or June, and was taken with my point and shoot camera at the time. Only if I have my DSLR back then this shot would have been very different?

Well, anyway, I am going to bed, and I will probably be knee deep in work for the rest of the week continuing tomorrow. Just as well, as the rain has returned and the weather has cooled down–for the rest of the week in the five day forecast. Be well!

One Thought on “Busy Week – So I Stopped Blogging For a Bit

  1. Hey Tom,

    I’ve been swamped in work too. I’ve got a few ongoing jobs now which I hope last, but they keep me glued to the computer screen researching and writing — rinse and repeat!

    I love the photo of the roses!

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