I Photographed a Bumblebee!

Yes, I succeeded in capturing a bumblebee in mid flight while shooting some flowers over at the railway station in Fort Langley. As I was shooting these yellow flowers, and a Bee flew right in front of the lens and landed on the cluster of flowers I was focusing on. At first I thought it was a housefly, or moth, but it landed there right in front of me, and it started collecting pollen from the flower. I started following the bumblebee, shooting it with the camera, as it flew from one spot to another on the bush. Then, I realized that there were more than just the one bumblebee at the bush–there were a bunch.

So I had plenty of chances of getting shots of the bumblebee(s), but shooting them was fraught with challenges. Focusing was the biggest one. I turned off my auto focus and waited for the bumblebee to appear in the field of view rather than trying to track it down like a radar guided missile with the camera’s auto focus. Lighting was my other issue that I was challenged with. I was standing on the wrong side of the bush, facing the Sun, and I could not move around because this was garden with fencing, so my mobility was limbed at this site. But I did the best that I could do.

I was not prepared for shooting bumblebees. I had the right lens, my 30mm macro, but I should have put the camera into aperture priority mode so that I could control the shutter speed more efficiently–i was shooting in auto mode–lazy. A faster shutter speed means capturing the wings of the bumblebee frozen in time instead of a blur of fluttering wings, like I have here.

Oddly, I never once thought once about getting stung?

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