Fort Langley a Buzz With British Cars

When I did my shopping this morning, I passed a double decker bus on the road. “How odd,” I though to myself, as we do not get that many double decker bussed in this part of the country. When I returned to town, everywhere by the community centre were British made cars on display. The little Minis (MG) looked cool, as they are so small–smaller than a Smart Car, bigger than an go-cart I once owned, but not the size of a American made car.So we are having a car show in town–time to get the camera.

What was really awesome were the people in costume, proudly walking around their displays, keeping in with the genre of the British sprit. Naturally I had to have some photos of them. They were so kind and happy to make the shot!

Above, a Bobbie, and below a driver for the double decker bus.

Then there are the cars. Some very interesting looking vehicles, and an airplane too.

And of course, how could I not get a shot of the “serious British RVer”!

Fortunately, it never rained (as of the time I wrote this blog-post) and enough Sun filtered through the clouds to make the day pleasurable.There were lot of people and lots to see. I loved the double decker bus–you can pack a lot of people in one.

Happy Earth Day!

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