What a Monday – Six Week Countdown

It was not the Monday that I expected, but instead, it started off with a bang, and the rest of the day took off in a direction that I did not expect I would ever see in the short term. I was taken by surprise as I received the news the my employer has initiated emergency layoff procedures starting now, and following in the next six weeks. This means that an entire department will be gutted. Yes, there was the writing on the wall, but no one could have foreseen the events that took place behind the scenes over the last weekend. My employer was put between deciding on keeping a contract that was just keeping the bills paid, (plus causing way more effort than it deserved), and focusing on what was good for the company overall. The hard decision was made, and the announcement was made this morning to everyone.

The department that is to be dissolved is the very department that I work in. I have six weeks, starting now, from which to move on and find other employment.

I am not upset in the very least. I am actually happy becuase I even agree with the decision that my employer had to make. I see first hand the obstacles that are everywhere in this business climate. In this economic reality, survival is engine that is driving Canada’s economy as consumers are still holding back because we are still scared that Canada is ready to plummet down the tubes like our U.S. counterparts have already done so. The trickle down effect is not working as everyone, including businesses, are drawing on loans and credit to make ends meet. When profit only pays off the debt, a choice has to made, and letting go is the only viable option for a business that is not going anywhere in terms of sustainability.

So, layoff. Sounds scary, but it is not. I have experienced this a few times already in my lifetime. I have learned from them. I have learned to ignore the Government, the media and the advice of friends and loved ones, especially those who are mired in debt themselves. I have learned to pay myself first, and not latch onto the parasitic banking institutions and drink their milk. (Sorry for the bad metaphor). Instead, I too have incorporated survival methods of my own, and staying debt free and highly able to deal with change are the keys to my survival. Like what Darwin said–able to adapt–quickly.

So, a new day will start tomorrow, and with it, a new hope. This is going to be neat and interesting, and a fast ride–I can feel it. Hold on, it is going to be fast.

2 Thoughts on “What a Monday – Six Week Countdown

  1. Wow, I’m catching up on reading your blog and started with this one. 😀 Good luck in your job search! I just know you’ll find something good — probably even better than what you had. (On a weird, semi-psychic note, I see the letter ‘r’ being prominent in this — take that for what you will.) A great positive is that since you’ve got to move in a year, you can now expand your workplace location options too.

  2. whoa… You got me on the “R”? I’ll have to ask you when we meet again.

    Thanks for the comment!

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