Sand and Toes

I had to get out of the house–I was going mad with all of the stress of work. The change in pace was just what I needed to calm the nerves. There is nothing so soothing than walking through the sand in bare feet. Although it was cold, a lofty 12C at the time, just had to have the feel the sand between my toes, and it made me feel so good–until it got too cold.

When I walked along the river’s banks, I wanted to capture the sunset, but the golden colours of the Sun hitting the sand made for some interesting shots instead. Then I came along this work of art, a weathered sand castle carved into the beach from days ago. It looked Egyptian in style–so basic, and yet, it caught my eye becuase there were several very small caves carved into the sand bank.

Anyway, shooting photos tonight was a great diversion from all the stress building up over the last few days that I have been going through.

I am still dealing with the layoff notice in my mind. This is by far not the first time that I have gone though a layoff situation like this, and I am sure that this will not be the last. Now that the cooling off period has passed, and the reality of it has sunk in, I have deiced to just play out my final days with the employer. Then I will just exit, and walk away once I have received my final pay. Fortunately, other work is in reach for me, but sadly nothing is for certain as the Canadian economy is weak.

Why is this layoff so disturbing for me?

I did not see this coming. This is a very bad time, during a weak economy, to be laid off. In hindsight, I should have seen it coming, but that is hindsight–which is alway 20/20. My greatest lifesaver has been my unwillingness to not have any debt such a credit cards or Bank loans. I have saved, so I am in a very healthy state, but I must be careful, as inflation is creeping up very fast, and savings do not last forever. So, I can say that I was prepared for a possible lack of unemployment, I just did not know when.

So, I am going to enjoy the night, and perhaps sleep in tomorrow if I can.

One Thought on “Sand and Toes

  1. I have been where you are and I’ve found that there are different stages and kinds of feelings that go along with going through a lay off or job loss I think you’ll be fine as you always seem to consider your options. That’s key, I think. Don’t feel guilty about letting yourself sleep in either. 😀

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