Last Night’s Walk Along the Beach

When I got up this morning, I realized that my walk along the river last night not only served as a de-stresser for getting out of the house and shooting a few photos, but it made me tired enough to get a good night sleep. And sleep I did.

When I got up, around 7:00am, I was confronted with noises coming from the neighbour beside me who lives in a tiny trailer. Unfortunately the acoustics are very bad in my little corner of Fort Langley in that you can hear a normal conversation several metres away inside my bedroom. Worse, if someone is talking above normal, I have no troubles understanding what is being said. The woman’s voice was someone who was in shock and anger. Her topic seemed to be an old boyfriend who wanted to stay with her while he sorted out his life issues, one of them being freshly out of work. He also needed some money. She was fanatically saying no, and defending herself as to why she could not give into either of his requests. The argument continued for about half an hour until he left without neither of his demands being met.

What I got from listening to this was that so many people are living way beyond their means and depending on other’s who are in the same boat as they are. I now see that most Canadians are too dependent on their families and friends when it comes to looking after their own financial worlds. When people factor in friends and family as their fall-back for meeting financial crisis, I can argue that this is a recipe for disaster.

Culturally most of use are brought up in that we should be as independent as possible. Yet in our laws, families are responsible for the well being for each of their members, then the State as the last caregiver. Canada shifted away from that model when social programs and other bits of legislation were created to help the masses who could not look after themselves, or did not have the necessary support that some families had to look after their own. As Canadians shifted towards conservative values, these social mechanisms started to erode, and those who do not have support from the old school values are now left where they were before at the dawn of when these social safety nets were created.

I believe that people are confused, and misguided. Confused in the sense that laws and government changes are moving much too rapidly. Misguided in that governments are more in the business of severing the elite rather than the whole while playing on the conservative values that appeal to the hearts and minds capitalists. A really good example that I see are the Babyboomer as they shift into retirement. As this group of Canadian becomes more dependent on fixed incomes, they see taxes as a major source of concern that directly effects their standard of living. So, naturally, they will vote accordingly, as it serves in their interests. With lower taxes comes with the Government ability to maintain or create fewer social programs. The standard of living for the lower economic strata will drop even further, making this group even more vulnerable to the negative effects of conservative values.

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