Understanding the Beast – Business Ethics

A little story about business ethics, if that even applies as something ethical, as I try to understand what happened to me at my work. And, it is all starting to fall into place for me now. I just had to run the numbers onto a spreadsheet, and plot them out onto a graph, to get the real picture. That picture does not look good, even to me, a victim of its downfall. So I can understand why the department had to be let go. I can see that it had nothing to do with mismanagement, or a bad marketing scheme, but rather, it had everything to do with the economy. There were just not enough buyers in the market to support our services, and we folded up shop to save the embarrassment of foreclosure.

The numbers speak for themselves. First, sorry, I had the mouse in the road when I did the screen capture.

The pattern seems typical of just about every business that I know of that is in the same service sector as we are. Everyone seems to be pulling in the same numbers and costs as we are. Unfortunately,  for the owners, this meant pulling the plug on the department altogether. Going into the second Quarter the sales are just as disappointing as the slide that started in week’s five through into week twelve, never reaching past the break even point of six thousand per week. Even in my own opinion I would call this time to let it go.

As usual, I am leaving out tons of valuable information and details, only becuase I am currently employed, (with a week or so to go for clean up), and my personal ethical feelings on this are not to expose the wound(s) to the public.

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