Grey May: Good Bye March, Hello May, Looking Forward to June.

The start of a new month, and hopefully a better one than the one before. It has been cloudy and cool for mid spring so far this year, and getting out to do some serious photography has been a challenge with the poor light, and my lack of enthusiasm with my roller coaster ride in the employment world. Perhaps the start this Grey May is an indicator of more to come; however, I did receive some great news yesterday as far as employment is concerned: I have continued employment for the foreseeable future.

With all of the stress and scrambling into contingency plans, my whole life’s rhythm has been thrown into disrepair. Sleeping, eating and focusing have been disrupted, and trying to fall back into a normal rhythm is all but impossible. On top of this, my work days have been so unpredictable (disorganized) that last night I could not fall back to sleep becuase I was trying to sleep at an earlier time slot than normal. I needed to get up this morning for 5:00am, so the night before my body would not go to sleep when I needed it to. I could have sought help to “coax” myself to sleep, but then why become dependent on chemicals to do that?

The main point so far for the start of this Grey May is that I am working. I cannot give too many details at this point in time, but I can say that my pay schedule will not be missing any time as I went from one job to another in the same day.

I believe that I owe my quick recovery to a couple of things. first, being skilled, or having university under my belt. Second, I have an awesome network throughout Western Canada. These are not friends, but business people that I have worked with either professionally, or through my academic career. Lastly, even though the economy is still flat and slowly recovering from the recession of ’08, there are small pockets job sectors that are flourishing, and having skills to capture those fields is a boon for me.

I am hoping that the by the middle of this month I will have a new sense of normal, and then, once again I can enjoy getting outside and shooting with my camera. The apex of this month will be the May Day Parade on the weekend of the 21st–street photography heaven!

2 Thoughts on “Grey May: Good Bye March, Hello May, Looking Forward to June.

  1. Hey, congratulations on finding work so fast! 😎

  2. Weird, eh? This is a funny economy.

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