Mall Parking Lot Now Open In Fort Langley

It is nice to see the mall parking lot in Fort Langley is finally finished. Those who need to drive to the convenience store, or get their favourite alcoholic beverage, can now do so knowing that an upgraded parking lot is waiting there for them. For those who choose to walk, the sidewalk and building facades have also been change to better accommodate the foot traffic.

If you want to compare this with this a before shot, please see my post from February 22, 2012, called: Parking Lot Upgrade.

Everyone that I have talked to about the parking lot upgrade seems to very positive about this change. Some have told me that this was long over due, and couple of other people say that they are hoping that more upgrades throughout town are planned for the near future. A general criticism is that now that Fort Langley is going through a growth spurt in its population, it is now time to update its down town core to reflect the increase in its usage, or people are just going to go else where for their general shopping needs.

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