The Morning Walk – Photographic Collage – Posted on YouTube

This morning I took a walk around town, armed with my camera becuase the Sun was out and it had stopped raining–the perfect time to go shooting is on a Saturday morning here in Fort Langley. And when you get some good weather, you jump at the chance. Hardly anyone was up, and those who were up were in a hurry getting to where they were going. With little traffic, and no people walking about, getting shoots of the streets was at its best. You cannot stand in the middle of the road and take long exposure shots during high noon–the light is crummy, and you will get run over.

It is weird, even though it is cool for our spring this year, the trees and flowers seem to be getting a head start as the green seems to be abundant?

The video

I hope you do watch it. It is a combination of short video clips and photos that I took today. The music, and video editing, are also mine. In fact, the music was also finished, and mixed, this morning too so that I could get the music at the right length to fit the video. I mixed the video first, then the sound afterworlds. It was easer this way than mixing video to fit the music.

Funny, I think YouTube likes me now. They say I could put ads on my page and make money from it. Sigh.

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