SUNday – It Was Nice, Please Not End!

Today, SUNday, is a day that I just did not want it to end as soon as it did. With the exception of a few cloudy periods, the day was awesome. I did not go far, only venturing to the dumpster, and a trip into Langley Market for some veggies, but just kept close to home doing some minor spring cleaning and talking so some neighbours.

It was so nice to leave the windows open to air out the rooms that normally do get to have the windows open during the cooler times. It was also nice to see green on the trees as the light from the Sun lit each window with a collage of green leaves. It was peaceful.

When I was outside cleaning my vehicle, I noticed a small patch of very tiny purple flowers in the middle of my driveway. “How odd,” I thought to myself.

So, I got close and trigger happy, shooting lots of shots of the purple flowers with my favorite lends, the 30mm macro. The Sun was beating down on them first thins this morning, and the light was awesome. The purple peddles seem to have a neat florescent look to them when the Sun is hitting them at this time of day.

With such a cooler than normal spring season, the leaves have appeared early, and in full force–just look these maple and walnut trees in my back yard! The walnut trees are about at the halfway point of becoming fully bloomed with their massive foliage.

Like time itself, the day must come to an end, and time keeps ticking away. Whether a blessing, or a curse, there will be another day to follow called tomorrow. Perhaps tomorrow will be better than today?

Here is hoping.

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