Warm and Muggy, Now? What Happen?

Today was another day of Sun, just like yesterday, but it actually seemed warmer than before. I guess we cannot complain anymore as we seem to be heading out of our cool spell of weather, and into summer heat. Good news, or bad?

I thought it was funny as I have this crow sitting right by my place perched on the power lines. He, or she, has been sitting their for most of the afternoon. Weird crow behavior in my opinion. Could it be related to the warm muggy weather today?

My latest news about work, or my new direction of employment, seems to be still in flux. Last week I told everyone that I am still working, without not having missed a beat, but as it turns out, change is still a constant among my associates in the business world. I am continuing on with my work, but my new employers, or new department, still needs to be discussed. Everyone there are still reeling with all the changes from last week, so having that “official” talk about my employment future is on hold until further notice. But I am getting hints–scary hints.

The good new is, it is still business as usual for me. The bad news is, this could lead into a whole new level of management that I might not be prepared for. Perhaps it is me, and having to possibly step outside my comfort zone. I know one thing is clear in my mind, and that is, I am happy with some of changes that are going on, such as dropping the department that I was not that keen on being in. So, putting a silver lining on it seems to help.

I still have three weeks of the old regime to toil in, so I am still dealing with the old future. Hummm, old future? That sounds kind of weired, even for me to say. Time for bed.

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