Let the Wind Take Me Away

I am already starting to notice that the air is filled with pollen and seeds from the trees as the wind swoops down and deposits them onto my shiny Pathfinder. I can smell the pollen, and it makes my eyes puffy and nose congested. When each day gets a little warmer, and a little better, so too does the amount of pollen floating in the air. I can see the pollen in the air when facing the Sun. When the air warms, the pollen count increases. When the wind twists and shakes the leaves on the trees, more pollen falls through the air like dust from an unpaved road. Everything is perfect but for one fact–this all makes me want to sneeze.

Oh, do not get me wrong, I am very happy that the good weather is finally here, but this year seems to be starting off particularly worse than others past. The last time it was this bad for me in the month of May, it was back in 2007. Then, I hid inside with the air conditioner on during every heatwave becuase the congestion was so bad with all the pollen outside. I hope this is not as bad as that year was!

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