Good Night Shooting

Finally! We are getting some awesome clear nights, and days, around Vancouver. It almost seems too perfect as far temperatures and mosquitoes go. Not too hot, and not too cold, and no mosquitoes–a perfect combination for this time year. So I started practicing with my camera with my 14mm lens to see what it can do as far as capturing stars with, and the results are, so far, good!

The image is a cropped photo taken of the Big Dipper using my 14mm lens (20sec, ISO100, f.2.8, 14mm). The stars seem really sharp looking–not bad for full manual mode.

I am using my lap top with my camera, Sony A33, so that I can check with the bigger screen to see if my focusing is perfect. The problem with this lens is that I can only operate it in full manual mode. Setting the lens to infinity is tricky because once set, I have no lock on it, so it is hit and miss with the small viewfinder on the camera, something that I am sure if I paid $500.00 more on the lens, I could of had a lock added to it. Oh well.

This is just practice time for the big event on coming up on the 20th of this month, the Annular Solar Eclipse. I have just about everything except for my camera mount for my new tripod, (a Enduro – 13A), which I paid $150.00 from a Hong Kong company, worth about $378.00 here in Canada. I need the ball mount to use with the tripod, a minor oversight, but I also ordered it from Hong Kong, and that part may take a while to get here–probably will see it on the same day as the eclipse. The ball mount will give me full panning and tilting ability. Right now, all I can do is screw the camera into the tripod and pan with it–not good.

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