Will I Miss Another Eclipse–Again!

In typical British Columbian weather fashion, rain is just as sure as death and taxes here. Be it today, an annular solar eclipse event, with Vancouver getting just over Eighty percent coverage, and added to this perfect timing, a long weekend leading up to it by a solid week of cloudless skies, it rains, starting today. With overcast days lasting for the rest of the week, and a long term forecast predicting more bad weather on the way for over the next three weeks to come, sky watching will be canceled, unless you are into rain.

Planning for this event was no whimsical back-of-mind deal. I had purchased special filters for my camera, invested in a very heave-duty tripod, and had made plans with other photographers to scope out the best place to view and photograph this event. Several hours had gone into preparing for this day. Even diverting visiting friends to another weekend was done to make way for today.

The days leading up too today were looking promising. The week before was incredible for the month May. Ten days of perfect cloudless skies with really warm sunny days, it was looking like none of us would worry about bad weather, especially overcast with rain weather. But, a couple of days ago the weather forecasters were guaranteeing rain for today. Sadly, they were right on the mark. The further on into the afternoon, the worse it is getting.

There is a glimmer of hope though, a break in the weather system that is slamming the West Coast. From what I can see on the satellite maps from the Weather Office, there is a clear strip, or band that might allow some Sun to get through the clouds. So fingers crossed.


The clouds got thicker, and the rain came down harder (6:20pm).

There were some noticeable effects from the solar eclipse: around 6:30pm it got dark enough that most of the street lights came on. I phoned Mother up to see if she could see it from where she lives, in Alberta, and she said that she could see it. They were also getting cloud problems too, so they missed the maximum coverage they had up there, about 62 percent for their maximum.

Well, there is another event coming up on June 6th, the transiting of Venue starting at 3:30pm Pacific Time and will last up until sunset. This event will not occur again until 2117, see: Transit of Venus, 2012. Here is hoping for good weather then.

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