I’m Not the Only One Who Missed It

With the weekend long gone, and just a bad memory now, I have set my sights on other projects for my photography. But to recap from what was supposed to have happened last weekend, I can sum it up in one word as to what happened instead, “rain.” It was to be a weekend of events. Sunday, a Solar Eclipse, followed by on Monday, the long weekend, the May Day Parade in Fort Langley. It all got rained out. The parade did go ahead in Fort Langley, but I was not going to stand in the rain to watch it as I had no rain gear with me at the time, so I went home when the rain kicked up. Next time.

When I was lurking on the Digital Rev Website, I laughed when they tried to photograph the eclipse on the other side of the pacific, from Hong Kong, and they, as Kai their presenter announced, had “an Epic Fail.” They too had cloud cover that blocked everything from view. Here is the video clip of that event:

Once the weather gets back to being better, (I mean sunnier) I will be out in full force with my camera. I want to hit the trails again and start shotting more spring like stuff like flowers and land scape shots. I even got offered to some portrait photography by some friends–this should be interesting. I have some studio lighting now, and I am itching to use it. I could be a pro? Oooooo, scary, but I love it.

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