A Good Afternoon for Some Shooting

A last minute change in plans led me to go on a small hike with some friends over to Brea Island, just across the bridge from Fort Langley. My friends had never being there before, so this was a new experience for them. So I brought the camera with me. It was a good day for shooting photos, and my friends.

The sunset of course was awesome. The air was warm, and there were no blood sucking mosquitoes to worry about though their time is very soon when they come out to hunt for prey. I tried several of my lenses, and the above shot was taken with my 200mm zoom lens. There were lots of people on trails, so I had to wait for some of my shots as kids and dogs kept playing in the field of view. Patients.

The above image is taken from the bridge (Glover Road) between Brea Island and Fort Langley on the Fraser River. The camp fire smoke from the camp sites made a neat blue filter effect above the water on the river. I used my trusty 30mm Macro lens for that shot. Below is Bedford Landing, taken from the Brea Island camp grounds, using my 14mm wide angle lens.

It was a beautiful late afternoon!

Above, the First Quarter Moon taken today, taken with my 200mm zoom lens (image cropped). Below, The neat shadows along the fence as the Sun was setting in my yard (30mm Macro lens).

It was a perfect end to a great day. According to the weather forecasters, tomorrow should be a carbon copy!

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