More Butter Cup Photos

I might as well post another Butter Cup photo. I mean, why not, most point and shoot cameras cannot shoot macro shots of them without running into problems like washed out colours, or good composition. So, here is another shot of a very short Butter Cup flower using my new tripod.

This poor Butter Cup was the survivor of the weekly lawnmower, making it less than five centimeters tall. I had to use my tripod to take this shot with because of how close I had to get to the subject. I have the ability to raise/lower the camera to the point that it is just touching the ground with my new tripod. This is very handy with macro photography.

The lens that I used here, a 30mm Macro, is perfect for this kind of shooting. I was going to use my 100mm Macro, but getting the right composition that I wanted was not possible becuase of the fence, and the direction of the light source.

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