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The saga at my work continues. To back track, my employer had given their notice of dropping one of the contract that it holds, meaning that they will relinquish seventeen highly skilled workers, and hopefully they will be taken in to the new contract holders during the switch. My part in all of this was that I was to go the way of the Dodo bird also, meaning that my position largely depended upon managing and servicing this group of individuals on a daily bases. However, the good new is, I am staying on, for now.

Tension has been high as the last three weeks have given way to uncertainty and stress. With the Federal government now excising more austerity measures, and local governments cranking up taxes to compensate those measures, and the cost of living climbing ever higher, loosing a job at this junction is next to catastrophic. For myself, dealing with all of this change, I started looking for alternative employment to lessen the burden of any amount of time of unemployment that I may endure. It helped with the tension, and added a little bit of extra security from the second wave of the downturn.

The rest of the departments held by my employer are in good fiscal shape, so seeing them let go of this section of the business was a good solution, similar to that of a surgeon cutting out the cancerous portion of the body to save the life of the patient. Tragically for the seventeen contractors, this will not be easy for them.

Some of the contractors that have being let go have stated that they will no longer pursue any more work with the new agreement. Most have said that they will continue to work, but will cease their contracts once they have found alternative work. Only two, that I am aware of, will stay and continue to work with the new company. From all of this change, all of the contractors have stated that they preferred the business relationship with us, and that it would be almost impossible to for them to accept the new agreements. The new agreements have reduced payments to labour built into them, and there is very little wiggle room for negotiation. These are not hourly or piecemeal contracts, but rather actual contracts involving individuals working as sole proprietors in the labour market. This is the new Canada.

As of today

As for myself, I will be staying, for now, until further changes occur. I have a second job. Yes, a second job! Why a second you ask?

When my position was on the chopping block, I started seeking out new employment. Within forty-eight hours I had landed a part-time job working on web pages and basic I.T. work. I do not want to give this second job up because I fear that my full-time position is still in jeopardy. I am two weeks into having both jobs and already my daily living is suffering. Financially I do not need the second job, but because of the need for security, I feel I need to hold onto it.

I am also searching for full-time employment on a more permanent basses, searching further into more attractive fields that I want to do. So much change on the horizon, and time ticking away, I need to get the ball rolling, getting my butt moving forward faster, as I only get one shot at this or risk loosing a lot. The saga continues.

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