Saying Good Bye to Co-Workers & Congrats to the Grads!

Today marks the ends of a five year stretch for a friend and co-worker working with us. I have worked with on and off with her for this period of time, and today was her last day with us. She is now off to greener pastures, and hopefully to a better career than the one she had left behind.

Today also marks the start of a new era at my work. A new beginning for me too. I will be taking on more responsibilities and duties, and hopefully I should be brining home more pay, although that has not being formally talked about. The business is moving in a different direction that what it was doing previously for the last twenty odd years, so this change will be interesting and challenging. A lot has happened in the last few weeks, so many are still wondering what is next, and to come.

The end of May also marks the final count down from which I must move from my spot in Fort Langley. I just paid my pad-rent, noting that I only have eleven more months to go until May of next year when the new owners start rebuilding on it. Many good times here, but like everything else on the continuum of change, the good times cannot last forever. Change, you got to love it.

So, with that being said, I say good bye to May 2012, and hello to June 2012, and the start to summer. May Canada not sink into the pit of economic disparity, and we can still enjoy a good BBQ at least once this year without going bankrupt.

Also, a spacial congratulation to my friends who graduated from university today at Kwantlen. They had their convocation today in Langley Campus–the largest one to date.


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