The Morning Shoot – Low Light Photography

It is raining, and I only have time for an hour of shooting today. What is really bad is that this could be it for shooting, possibly for the rest of the week, as my personal time is now down to a few hours per week. With a heavy overcast sky and the odd rain drop falling, I really had to force my camera to get any good quality shots this morning. I managed to find some good areas for shooting right around the Fort Langley Community Hall where there was good light and interesting flowers growing, but nothing super special.

All of these were taken with a 30mm Macro Lens on my Sony A33 Camera. Above, in front of the Community Hall in Fort Langley. Below, Behind the Community Hall looking at some bedding plants which were still dropping wet from the down pour from last night.

Below, a weird little plant which is all by itself. It is planted right between three very large trees and does not seem to get very much light. Having more light would have made this shot a lot better. I did not even have a flash with me, except for the one on the camera, but that flash sucks–it is not a very good one for macro photography.

Well, not bad for a rainy late spring morning.

One Thought on “The Morning Shoot – Low Light Photography

  1. I love all the purple flowers, of course! 😀

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