Catching the Sunset After Days of Rain

It was a last minute run out to Abbotsford to capture the sunset today. After having complete overcast skies for over a week, seeing the Sun was a treat. I drove over to Brander Bradner Road, on the big hill, just inside the Abbotsford North Western area of the township to get these photos. Funny, there were a bunch of other photographers there too shooting the heck out of the sunset too. Also, yes, I have not blogged for nearly a week either. I know…, I have been under the weather.

The view from Brander Bradner Road is incredible. You have a great view of Glenn valley, Fort Langley, the Fraser River, and Port Kells and Northern Surrey, plus the Golden Ears Bridge.

Sadly, this little 500px image (above) does not do any justice to the photo. Seeing this in its full size, 4000px, is, well, awesome.

These were all shot with my 50 to 200mm zoom lens on my Sony A33 camera.

I am glad I made the decision to drive out to Brander Bradner Road to do the sunset photos–well worth the effort.

2 Thoughts on “Catching the Sunset After Days of Rain

  1. Hey Tom ….love the photos – my old neighbourhood.
    So amazing to be able to see the new bridge from so far away. BTW….it’s Bradner Road.
    We used to call that spot at the end of the road ‘the Lookout’. It’s an amazing view.


  2. Thanks for the comment Gundrun!

    I fixed up the little spelling error “Bradner.” Thanks for pointing that out to me.


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