Enjoying a Moment Under the Maple Tree

Finally some time that coincides with a great afternoon of Sun where I could just sit back and just relax. I pulled over the lawn chair underneath the Maple tree in my back yard, and grabbed a tall glass of lemon-aid, and sat in the chair sipping my ice cold drink looking up through the leaves. It was warm and muggy, and the Sun felt so good as the light filtered through the canopy. It was a great few long moment. I thought about many things.

Some of my thoughts included the choices I have made, and need to make regarding my career. Huge changes have taken place in my little universe that have changed my life, and the lives around me, while little changes ripple along on an almost constant rate as I settle into my new careen path. No, I am still waiting for something I would like to do as far as my academic career goes, but working in the telecommunications industry I am still moving along. New business model, new space, and new direction, all taking place around me while many co-workers either moved on, or faded away through attrition and layoff. In just 30 days, the job that I entered into had totally changed into something that I could have never imaged.

I have been sick for the last week. Probably the sickest I have been in the last several years. I got food poisoning, although a mild case, but enough to knock me on my butt and lost some time off from work becuase of it. The doctor that I saw, at the clinic, was somewhat cruel, and had the gentle touch of a 100kg cactus, basically told me to shake it off. Sure, easy for him to say as he was not the one suffering. At least he confirmed what I had thought: cross contaminated food, handling hamburger meat, then other foods like salad without washing your hands. Although the meat was cooked, those pesky microbes now lived on the salad. Barf!

Looking up through the tree, seeing the light through the green leaves, I thought I should grab the camera and snap a shot of the moment. Long have I waited for the leaves and the warmth of summer to get here. I do not want it to change now that it finally got here, but it will.

Yes, leaving…, I have to think about moving soon. My time here in Fort Langley will end soon, Eleven months, and ticking. When comparing it to the almost Seventeen years that I have lived here, Eleven months is nothing! It is called gentrification. I do not own the property, so I have little say but when I can leave, if done before the land owner changes it over to the new owner. Perhaps there will be a housing bubble burst, and housing prices would drop, say by 75 percent, then hey, I may have a shoot at owning my own land in Fort Langley? I know, wishful thinking.

Well, back to the grind. The weather Website says that this is it until next Friday for awesome sunny weather. Now I cannot wait until next weekend for it! Only Four more days to go! LOL. I am taking the religion of Sun Worshiper!

One Thought on “Enjoying a Moment Under the Maple Tree

  1. Hi Tom. Sorry to hear you were sick. Yes, I’ve been thinking a lot about having to move too, but trying not to worry, just think. 😮

    The rental options and prices suck in the Lower Mainland, but one conclusion I’ve come to is that moving far away isn’t the answer — at least for me. My dad is turning 80 years old and the lower rent that I’d save living farther out would be eaten up probably in one plane fare or bus trip out here if I had to come back here or wanted to come back here. This would be complicated by the fact I have a cat and would not know anyone to trust to look after her wherever I would go and taking her with me on the trip may not be possible or else be expensive. So yeah, that’s as far as I’ve got on it, but it’s a start and I haven’t ruled out any other options. 😀

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