When I woke up this morning, I thought it was late September. It was so cold in my bedroom, and so dark outside for 7:00am for a June day, that my first instinct was to think that this was the fall season. Getting out of bed was a challenge as my body was finding it hard to leave the warmth of my comforter. The distance to get to my chest of drawers and then put on cold clothes was torture—humbling discomfort and the goal to mitigate the discomfort with speed and efficiency only added to the torture. Getting my underwear caught in my toes while staying on one foot to stand up, then having to reach out to support myself, was just adding to my exposure in the frigid environment. Perhaps most of it was just in my mind rather than the battle of the elements for survival, but nonetheless, it was the discomfort of it all.

Is this really June weather?

The fine folks at Environment Canada are saying so. They say that we are only experiencing just a minor decline in temperature and rain fall this season. When you compare this season’s statistics to the last five years of super hot, sometimes weeks of heatwaves, then spring 2012 is downright horrible. Whether this weather is normal or not, it is not welcomed.

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