Shooting Up Jean’s Flowerbed–It was geat!

I went over to visit a long time friend, Jean, to fix her computer. She used to be my next-door neighbour here in Fort Langley, but now she lives in Aldergrove, BC, a short drive away. It was great to see her again, as she just got back from holidays over in Europe. Jean has a green thumb, and a very cool flowerbed with many verities of flowers that are crammed into a very small balcony. So off I went shotting, trying to get as many colours as I could before I started work on her computer.

All of these shots came from my 30mm Macro lens, shooting with my Sony 33A Camera. It was sunny for brief periods over in Aldergrove, a lot more Sun that what I had in Fort Langley today.

This last one are flowers from the Dogwood Trees over at the Train Museum in Fort Langley.

Thanks Jean (@CCJeanB on Twitter) for letting me shoot your flowerbed. It was great!

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