Trekking the Tracks for Flowers

For a brief moment the Sun made an appearance in Fort Langley today. I was sitting at my computer typing up some emails when rays of light beamed through my window. “What the heck is this….” I mumbled to myself. It was a split decision to grab my camera bag and start walking over towards the tracks.

When I got to the tracks, it appeared that the Sun was going to stay with us for a while. I pulled out the camera and started on my shooting spree. It was great!

Even though the path i took was mostly shady, there was enough light to get some really good shots of the weeds and flowers.

And of course, a shot of the tracks. These are what I call “fake tracks” becuase this was just a little section of railway tracks siting on blocks. The railway people must use this for putting equipment on before they move it with road trucks.

It was nice to get out. Rumour has it that this coming Sunday will have some good weather…, but this is only a rumour.

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