So, is it Flood Watch Time in Fort Langley?

I am getting conflicting news reports about the state of the Fraser River in and around Fort Langley today. I know the river is high, and there have been lots of talk about flooding up by Prince George, BC, but nothing really affirmative here in town (Fort Langley) that I am aware of. So, I took a walk down to Brae Island to see for myself how high the water is today, and I was shocked to see it just at 15cm below the last flood mark on June 11, 2007. The water is high!

Below is my marker from June 11, 2007. The water reached the top horizontal bar on this drainage outlet back in 2007 when I shot some video of the Fraser River cresting back then.

Another shot of the bridge (Glover Road) showing the high water.

Since I have been home today from work, there have been numerous helicopters flying over the river and police vehicles traveling near the shores. When I was walking over to Brae Island, I saw some police over at Mariner’s Park. Police and other authorities must be telling people not to go near the river, or respect the high water and flood area?

While on Brae Island, I saw this sign stating that there is going to be aerial bug spraying tomorrow on the island. I just hope the high water does not wash all the chemicals down river and we still get mosquitoes!

Below – Showing the high water looking towards Bedford Landing, a community that must be very worried right now. The question is, can they really get flood insurance? Scary thought to need it, eh?

I shot some video today too, but I am too tired to edit it, so perhaps I will do that for tomorrow when it is raining.

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