Checking the Flooding Out On the Fraser River – Update

With anticipation that the river was going to be at a much higher level then it was yesterday, I took a walk over to Brae Island again to check it out. The water level was a higher, but only by a few centimeters. According to my flood indicator, the river still needs to rise by at least ten more centimeters before it passes the June 2007 level.

If you look at the photo below, the metal pipes must be fully submerged before I say that we passed the 2007 recorded flood on the Fraser River. There are also tides to factor in too, so I picked my time very carefully when I walked down for my observation, by looking at the tide charts for this area of the coast. At 1:00pm today we were at Low Tide (2.3 feet Low), and 9:00 pm tonight will be at High tide of 14.9 (feet high), however, I also take into account that these measurements only account for about 20cm variance (10-15 inches) this far inland on the river.

I say, about another 8cm to go before we pass the June 2007 flood level. Below is another shot of the bridge (Glover Road) in Fort Langley, taken from Brae Island.

The people of Fort Langley going about their business. Taken with a 300mm lens (Sony A33). Shot from the bridge on Glover Road, looking South, into town.

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