Flooding Passes 2007 Level – Plus Storm Soaker

What a day here in Fort Langley, BC. With the flooding of the Fraser River passing the 2007 mark, and a rather harsh thunder and rain storm, and me getting caught in it without any jacket on, it has been a bad day. This morning was spent dealing with a leaky roof in my trailer. My hike to the river revealed that the water is getting higher than ever before since I have moved to Fort Langley. Also, while I was at the Brae Island Camp Ground shooting photos of the flooding river, I noticed that it was starting to get wet there too. But, most of all, what got me laughing, were the amount of people coming to Fort Langley just to look at the river.

The above photo shows that my flood gauge is now fully submerged under the water. From my calculations, I say it is 12cm under the water, thus marking today that the Fraser River has passed the 2007 flood level. The next record is the 1972 flood level–which we are fast approaching. I also heard on the net, via CBC BCnews that we may see two peak levels over the next week or so. The first is happening right now, and another one may spike early next week.

I first went over to Marina Park, on the Fort Langley side of the River, and to my surprise the park is now fenced off, keeping people out of the area due to the high water. Even with the fence, and the signs posted all over the place, people were still going into the park to have a look at the river.There were about thirty people that I could see walking about behind the fence in the park. Yes, too funny. I never went further.

I figure that most of the people coming down to the park were here to see the flooding waters. There was a little traffic jam of people trying to find parking spots for their cars, and there was lots of foot traffic too here.

I have never seen the water this high on the Fraser since I have moved here. To think that there is still more water to come, plus we are in the middle of a weather advisory, currently getting a massive thunder and rain storm in Fort Langley too.

On the Brae Island side, it is just as bad for flooding. Already at the parking lot in the GVRD camp ground, the walk-ways where the camping grounds are, water is seeping in from the levies covering the low areas by about 30cm.

Oh yes, the freak that just hit today. All of last night, and now today, we have been getting lots of rain. Not good for the flooding we are getting right now, but when I left today to shoot some photos of the river, I thought that I could just wear a t-shirt–wrong. Worst mistake I ever made. The storm hit while I was on my way back heading home. It came down in a wall, and the only refuge I had was the barber shop (Jack the Clipper) on Glover Road. Jack was just closing when I arrived. He let me in to ride out the storm.

Thanks Jack–much appreciated!

Now I am at home, posting this like mad becuase our power could go out. I am soaked too, actually turned on the furnace becuase I am freezing. Just gotta love this weather.

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