Another IGA Update From Fort Langley BC

As the old saying goes, “steady does it,” but for most of us, we are getting impatient waiting for the IGA Marketplace store to open here in Fort Langley. Well over a year since the old store burnt down, waiting for the new building to be completed has been a slow, almost like watching grass grow, when other buildings on the other side of the tracks are being erected in a fervor-pitch. Nonetheless, we watch with earnest as each window is put in place, doors slowly appear, and walls get painted.

Last weekend the IGA was in the media when the owners of the building created a time capsule to be buried under the entrance of the building with the rule that the metal box would not be opened again until that building is demolished, hopefully well into the future. A wonderful idea having a time capsule in which people of the town can contribute to. Please read the Langley Times, June 20th, 2012 article called: Capsule offers a peek into 2012 Langley.

Already the race for time has started ticking on the IGA building as Fort Langley continuous grows, and the changing “sands of time” seep in, called gentrification. Fort Langley continues to grow, and grow and grow, as many want to live here in the village environment. Noting that money talks, and politics walks, the question that I am hearing is, how many other big business are ready to move in that could possibly squeeze out the legacy business that are already here in Fort Langley?

So, waiting patiently to have a local grocery store once again, hopefully by this fall. I just hope I am still living here to buy from the IGA as the property that I live on now has now been sold to make way for fifty-five new homes in Fort Langley.  Gentrification is an evil that I live with now, but ethically I support it. How sick is that?

One Thought on “Another IGA Update From Fort Langley BC

  1. Ethically you support gentrification? Not me, but we can agree to disagree on that, I guess.

    Thanks for the photos of the new IGA being built. I never seem to walk down that way much anymore, although I will be I’m sure to get to the riverside park near there on a nice day when we get more sunny weather. If I’m still here when the new store is built, I will sure be going there too. It was just so handy having it there, especially as I don’t drive now. They had really everything — meat, veggies and even deli, bakery, magazines and gardening plants.

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