River Talk: Still High Water Along the Trails

It was the best combination of factors that allowed me to get out and shoot a few photos of the Fraser River today. I got out of work a little early, the Sun was shinning and there was hardly anyone in the parks when I got there. The river is still high, although not as high as it was from just few days ago, but the river is down only by about 20cm. Some forecasters are saying that there could be another rise near the beginning of the next week, but it is highly unlikely that water will reach the levels seen this last week. So, there is more high water to come–we are not out of it yet.

I went into Marina Park, on the Fort Langley side of the Fraser River, to see how high the water was over at the boat launch–it is high–almost reaching the level of the parking lot. They had part of the Fort to Fort Trail closed off becuase it is under water.

Nothing scares me more, by the river, than seeing homes and back yards flooded.

Above is a shot taken from the bridge (Glover Road) looking at the Kwantlen First Nation Reserve (McMillan Island) as their soccer field is flooded in some parts. To think that today, the water is 20cm less than it was just a few days ago.

My water level indicator that I like to use and compare with from when the last flood took place back in 2007. In this shot you can just see the top metal bar of the storm drainage outlet under the surface of the water. I estimate that the water is about 2cm above that metal bar.

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