I Think of It as, Liquid Sunshine

I really, really, really wanted to go a whole month without posting about how bad our weather is for this year. I broke down. Today I am going to type a little diatribe about today, and the rain that has fallen so far. And of course, I have a photo to prove my point.

I had plans for this morning. A morning hike along the river, and then drop off some borrowed items to a friend who owns a shop here in town; I had several books, CDs and a patch-cord I borrowed from him a week ago that I promised I would return to him today. I was going to return all of my friend’s items on foot. When I awoke this morning, I was feeling a little sore from the work week. I did a lot moving, physical type work, so my body was telling me to slow down and take it easy. When I heard the rain hitting my roof, well, that was the sign to lay right back to bed and contemplate an alternative plan for today’s “to-do” list.

It seemed the more I waited, the worse the rain came down.

When I got up and made some coffee, I turned on my computer and click on Twitter. I friend of mine was complaining about how hot it was in Toronto. I laughed to myself, “if only they could have some of Vancouver’s weather right now.”

The funniest tweet I wrote was, “So comparing the two cities: Vancouver, raining and 16C. Toronto, scorching 33C, need suntan lotion SPF1500 and 1 beer per every 10 min.” That Tweet got retweeted about five times so far.

So, I think I can speak for everyone here along the West Coast that we need at least one good day of summer for this long weekend! Happy Canada day!

One Thought on “I Think of It as, Liquid Sunshine

  1. Happy soggy Canada Day to you too, Tom. That Twitter message is hilarious. My brother lives in Toronto and misses everything about Vancouver except the rain. I miss nothing about Toronto – ha ha and actually I love Vancouver rain. Still, I love sunny days too, especially now that it’s officially summer here. 😎

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