Happy Canada Day, Eh!

Another year has gone by, and Canada is getting a little bit more older, One hundred-Forty-Five years old to be precise. Taking time out to celebrate the nation’s birthday is not only a welcomed long weekend, topped off being the first long weekend of summer, but a time in which we can become a little patriotic. It is so nice seeing people drape Canadian Flags from the sides of their homes, and the streets in town decorated with all things Canadian, that no matter where go around here, you are reminded that this is Canada.

It was not long ago that I could remember hardly anyone would hang the national flag from their homes all year round. I believe times are changing now as more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon showing their nation’s pride. Perhaps we have passed the age of a nation when it is now “cool” to have a Canadian flag on one’s car antenna, window or mailbox.

Yes, the picture was done by me. It is a beaver proudly waving the flag. Which brings me to a dilemma that I heard on CBCNew the other day when the commentator asked the questions, “just what is a true Canadian Symbol”?

There was a top Ten list from the news program with such things such as Maple Syrup, Beavers and other iconic things Canadian, but nothing really defining that you cannot find anywhere else. I have a thought on this of one thing which I think is very Canadian. We in Canada have a very twisted sense of humour. Take for example the One Dollar Coin that is now Twenty-Five years old. We call it a “Loonie,” becuase it has a loon on the face of it. I remember the government asking us not to call it that, but the name was so reminiscent of the political times that it stuck. But then is got even weirder when the Two dollar coin came out. Yes, we call it a “Toonie.” How sick is that! Canadian Dollar – Wikipedia.

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