A Walk in the Sweltreing Heat–Told in Photos

It is July and the heat has hit Fort Langley, going on three straight days of glorious hot summer weather. I took a walk this afternoon in this sweltering heat, and dragged my camera along for the walk. OK, it is not that hot out, but compared to the year so far, this weather is incredible. And yes I have had the air conditioning on becuase for six hours during the day at high-noon, my place gets hit with direct sunlight, and without the cool air flowing in it might as well be an oven.

Onward, the walk around town.

Above photo is what I call the Pom-pom flower, located by the Fort Langley Community Hall. I took a shot of this same flower last month when these were full of purple little flowers creating a sphere. They look really “Martian” like.

Next, below, is a neat shot of a newer building located in Fort Langley. It is what I consider “the” typical type of architecture in the town. I am going to make you guess where this is. What do you think, typical Fort Langley architecture?

Next, off to the Post Office. The next two shots are from the lot right beside the Post Office here in town. The an apple tree, bearing green apples, and the next shot below it are little white flowers on a large bush. I love macro photography!

Next shot is the Fraser River. Shot from Fort Langley, looking towards at Brae Island. The river has dropped a lot since it peaked during the flooding just a couple of weeks ago now, but it is still high.

Lastly, my¬†favourite shot of the day, one that I like to call “A Rose in Fort Langley.” This is a rose bush by the railway station museum, at the corner of Glover Road and Mavis.

Have a great day!


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