Telling a Story With Photographs: Adventures of Thomasso.

I was reading a photography magazine a couple of days ago, and I came upon an article that gave out a few suggestions for telling a story through photographs. So below in this post, I am going to tell a fictional story about my Twitter avatar’s adventures today. I had been thinking about this for most of the day. I did have a plan before I went outside and started shooting my pencil scenes, at the various locations. OK, without further ado, here is the story of Thomasso, July 10 2012.

I spent most of the afternoon sitting outside under the maple tree catching some sunshine, and resting, after a troubling, harsh, cumbersome morning of office work. It is tough sitting in a cubicle all morning long filing papers when you can see all the people outside enjoying the heatwave. So when I got home I crashed on my lawn chair, Root-Beer in one hand and chocolate ice cream in the other. It was heaven.

Soon after my friend came over and asked me to join him with a couple a girls to go on a road trip down the valley. I thought, sure why not, I am single-footloose and fancy free, why not! The girls never came after we got to area we wanted to explore. I got tired of waiting for my friend who was waiting for the girls, so I headed off on my own. I am like that; hate waiting for people who are slow.

I decided that I was going roll in the clover anyway. No girls, no best friend, I said forget it, I am going to have fun by myself anyway. I should stop here and say to you dear reader that rolling in the clover gives me hives. I did not know that until after I started rolling in them. It was painful.

I was near the train station, so I thought that I would see if the train was running.

Like I said before, I hate waiting–so I took waiting for a train to a whole new level. The train never came, so I gave up and started walking to a field that looked interesting.

I came across a field of daises. It was so beautiful that I just had to run through them. I was covered in hives anyway, so why not hit the daises, how worse could I get?

I found out that the daises did not give me hives. This was good news because I started to worry that my skin was starting itch beyond anything I had ever have experienced before. I may need medical attention as my hair started to fall out at that point. It was then that I figured that I needed to go to higher ground. There was huge rock pile near by, so off I went to climb it.

I conquered the rocks! I climbed right to the very top. It only took me an hour to do it too. I was so proud of myself. I did get some minor injuries from the sharp rocks while climbing them. I did not have good boots for climbing, so I might have hurt my toe something good. Climbing down was a bit of a struggle too as I slipped a few times on my butt.

Once I got to the bottom of the rock pile, I started walking to where my car was parked. This is the worst part of my story because when I got to my car, it would not start. I was not a happy camper. This meant that my only option was to hitchhike back home.

So there I was, waiting for someone to pick me up, thumbing for a ride. No one would stop! Not one driver would stop to pick me up. I ended up walking the whole distance home.

Now, first thing tomorrow I have to get a tow truck to get my car, then fined a mechanic to fix whatever is wrong with it, and get to work so I can finish my filing in my cubicle while it is hot and sunny out.


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