When Things Get Weird: I Stay the Same, but I am happy

It has been a weird week. Weird in that so much had happened both in my personal life and at my work, yet I am not one bit phased by it all. At my work I announced that I was now planning on moving into my desired career, and at home, the call to move, and to find another home, has been stepped up a notch. The latest changes at work, and here at home, have been triggered by events that are fluid, and that are out of my control, but I am reacting like everyone else around me to them.

I remember this time two years ago having gone through a set of similar circumstances when having to shift back into the workforce after graduating, and dealing with higher costs in living with savings reserves almost empty. The stress then was huge for me, and it affected everything I did, including how I acted, and even lead me to develop new habits. But today, none of this is really having that profound feeling of helplessness that I had back then. Although I should point that there is one very important difference today: I have recovered my savings, and build up safeguards and safety nets to cover my butt in times like these. So moving forward my shift in change should be a smooth one, although I am not that foolish to make that guarantee with myself.

My changes will no doubt affect the people around me. At my work, my current employer was not one bit happy to hear my news, and the reasons behind my decision. I should add to that I find it very funny (in a sad way) that employers feel compelled to think that they can deny your rights, such as the right to quit, and move where ever you want in Canada, yet they embrace all privileges that give them dominance over workers. I feel sorry for them. But change will occur, and occur it must.

My landlord had expressed some reservation about me possible moving ahead of schedule from when we last talked.  They are dependent on us tenants to keep them going until they transfer the land that they sold. When you run a trailer park, as my landlord does, and it is closing, many potential renters will think twice about moving into it. Again, change, freedom, and choice. Moving is no small task here in the Fraser valley either. If you do not know, Vancouver, B.C., has one of the highest housing markets in terms of costs throughout Canada. To rent is equally expensive, and since the last ruling provincial government got into power over fourteen years ago, renting is now like applying for a job due to legislation that favours landlord’s rights over renters.

OK, all kidding aside, I am happy right now. This weekend I decided to stay at home and clean it. Tonight, I will do some reading and finish my portfolio and profile for my “hopefully” new employer. As the Sun us setting I will take a drive out to Abbotsford and do some photography. Tomorrow I have some letter to write and I will call my baby sister to how far along her and her family got with computer I sent them this last week. I sent them a Linux system. It should be interesting to see how far they have gotten with it.

So, finish posting this; then back to some real typing!

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