Walking in the Rain

I made the mistake of going on a road trip with a couple of buddies, who wanted to do some hiking and sightseeing over in Chilliwack today. Oh, the road trip was awesome, although it was raining during part of the trip, but the hiking part, well, sucked. I did so many things wrong, and I should have being more prepared.

Walking through the brush along the Fraser River can be fun, or brutal, if you have the right gear for the right environment. It was raining where we were, so the soil was saturated and the leaves got you wet where the rain did not. It was cool, around 14C to 15C, and yet you still sweat when you moved fast. The worst enemy we all encountered were the billions of blood sucking mosquitoes that relentlessly latch on us everywhere we went. We were so unprepared this, especially me.

I was the first in the group to call it. The others were mocking my decision to head back to our vehicles, but I ignored them. They gave me some “unmanly” remarks, but I turned around and started walking back. Soon after, the entire group was following me. I smiled at them and kept on going.

We were covered in bites from the blood sucking insects from Hell. The two ladies that came along with their partners were complaining about being very cold, and all of us had mud in up over our shoes.  Going from warm and muggy while starting out from the road, to cool and wet hiking through the forest, then warm again once we got to the river, spelled potential disaster for us. Hypothermia seemed to have hit me the first—so I thought. All I had on at the time were shorts and a t-shirt. Then after talking to the group once were back on the road, we were all feeling it around the same time.

Getting home, I cleaned myself up then went for a nice long “warm” bath. I had so much mud on my body, and clothes, I thought I would have to go to the Laundromat to wash my clothes there, and soak in the tub for an hour.

Perhaps there is a point when you can say that you can never be prepared enough. Bug repellent, extra clothing, proper footwear and a good guide should have been all thought out before hand. Lesson learned!

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