Catching Up on Stuff: The Relentless Life of a Working Stiff

It is Tuesday, and it feels like my Saturday—I know weird eh, but that is how I feel. Sure, I went into work today and did my Seven hours and Sixteen point Five minutes worth of work. Sure, I fought traffic getting to and from work. And, sure, I had to get up at a stupid hour this morning to prepare for work. But it feels like Saturday because the Sun came this afternoon, turning the day into a really nice one, and it was nice coming home to a clean place. I did a massive amount of cleaning during Sunday and yesterday, so the place looked sparkling clean when I got in from work.

Ho, yes, the “Stuff.” I had a few things that needed to be taken care of today that were super important. First, my letter of final application and curriculum vitae for the Corrections Canada shortlist that I have being applying for from Seven months ago. Yes, I made it to the shortlist, and have a few more steps to go, and in a couple more weeks I should know where I stand with that. Second, I have a meeting with a Halfway House in Vancouver (Thursday). They had asked me to consider doing some volunteering, working in a workshop with them. The facility manager is a friend of mine from when we took university classes together way back in 2006—that was so long ago. Lastly, I have a work related issue that I need to get cleared up. I have to issue some disciplinary notices/resolutions that are between an employee and the employers. I am hoping that I can get the whole incident resolved with a couple of letters, and hopefully a meeting—though I doubt both sides will come together on this. My timeline on this is before this coming Friday.

To end this post off with, a photo of a young walnut tree just a few metres away from my front door. This tree is just a few years old, and already it is about Four to Five metres high. These trees grow incredibly fast when they first start out. I suspect it will be a few more years before the tree starts to produce walnuts. Of course, I will be long gone, as will the walnut tree, when the property is redeveloped.

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