Sunset Photos: But Only Some of Them – For Now.

I took a long drive around the Glenn Vally area, right into Abbotsford, tonight. I needed to get out and do some shootting with the camera, and do some deep thinking while I was at it. The Sun was awesome as the day ended – good colour and lots of wide open spaces to shoot in–why I love the country. In total I took about 150 images in a Two hour period. The only thing that stopped me from taking more were the damn mosquitoes! Gerrrr, I hate them.

I’ll start off with the best one. I used a bunch of ND filters to get this shot. I was also using a tripod becuase holding the camera and filters was impossible. All that, plus swatting mosquitoes away!

The next one I call the “Hot and Bumpy Road Ahead.” This one was taken in Abbotsford, BC in Glenn Valley.

Canadian Geese munching on a farmer’s field. Plus I was swatting flies too. I think the geese were swatting flies too?

A little film on the water.

A woman walking down the rand in the sunset. Neat lighting and shadows.

That is all for now. I have several more I want to post, so I will do that tomorrow. I have to swat some more flies that sneaked in while I got home tonight. Damn mosquitoes!

3 Thoughts on “Sunset Photos: But Only Some of Them – For Now.

  1. some great photos

  2. some great photos. :mrgreen:

  3. Thanks Nicholas!

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