Sunset Photos: And the Rest of the Best from Yesterday

And here they are, the rest of the “Rest of the Best” photos form yesterday’s photos from my drive out to Abbotsford last night. Most of these were taken earlier on in the day, so they really do not count as sunset photos, but they are good nonetheless. I did a lot of lens switching in these photos, so you will see some wide angle shots along with some telephoto shots with my 200mm.

I like to start off with a shot that I thought was interesting becuase the railway tracks sit on top of a berm. This acts as a Levey for the Fraser River, and it keeps the trains out of the water during flood season. By the way, it flood season, as the river is still very high!

Next is a shot of the mountains North of Glenn Valley, on the other side of the Fraser River. I think that is close towards Mission, BC? I call it, “Mountains in the Haze.”

Keeping with the mountain theme: Mount Baker, in the U.S.A., from Abbotsford. I really like this contrast with the 200mm lens that I have.

And another shot of the mountains, looking towards Mission, BC. I took this with the kit lens, an 18 to 55mm (SonyA33), and I sort of left out the mid-ground. Just grass and mountains here–no in between.

And a nice wide angle shot (using the kit lens from my SonyA33) of the same road I post yesterday, and the mountains in the second shot in this post.I call this one, “The Road that Meets the Mountains.”

There, that is all of them that were worth posting, and notice how I gave up on writing about how bad the mosquitoes were that day?

Thanks for watching, and please leave a comment of what you think below. Have a great night!


2 Thoughts on “Sunset Photos: And the Rest of the Best from Yesterday

  1. I especially like that one with the grasses in the middle. Nice, Tom. Nice.

  2. Hey Tom,

    Come to Rolley lake or to Fraser to shoot some fishing action !!!


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